Grow Fenugreek in small space

Fenugreek is one of my favorite plants to grow in Spring time. I live in USDA zone 5b which means weather tends to get better in April and that’s also the best time to grow Fenugreek. It doesn’t do well in hot weather after June so Spring is best time to grow it with little

Word press – How to change category name in post links

I recently ran into the issue on this wordpress site. The “Permalink” contained subcategory as “uncategorised” and Edit button didn’t let me change the subcategory.     Clicking on edit button couldn’t let me change the “uncategorised” keyword. To solve this I had to go directly into the database and make the changes. Here are

Spring boot : Profile based logging using logback

Summary: Logging using logback in Springboot application How to add profile based configuration in logback-spring.xml (logback.xml) file In Spring boot application, you can create different profiles to have environment specific configuration. This could be used for having different database urls, host names, environment configurations etc. Similar to these configuration, you can configure different environment specific

Dividend based investing – Go slow to go farther

Summary Generate monthly cash flow using dividends Diversify portfolio to be equally exposed in different sectors Gradual monthly investing to average out the buy price Hold long to avoid short term gain taxes I have been investing for more than 12 years now and have tried everything from Equity stocks, ETFs, Futures, Options and Mutual

Why one should join Amway or any other legal MLM business

Amway is one of the oldest MLM companies in the world and has most number of products available for marketing. Over time it has got bad reputation as well but still there are thousands of people who are associated with this Business and making money. Over years it has attracted millions of people but still

How to be successful in Amway or any other multi level marketing (MLM) program

Amway or MLM Program This page is dedicated to Amway or similar multi level marketing programs and is not for any pyramid scheme. To be able to understand what’s given below, you should at least understand the difference between MLM and Pyramid schemes. I have seen people using these terms interchangeably which is absolutely wrong and then

What’s wrong with Amway?

If you are coming to this page, it means either you are approached by somebody doing Amway business or you have already tried it and doing some search now to validate your learnings. Amway company has been around for more than 50 years now and there is still a question “Is it a Scam?”, “Is Amway

Spring Boot | Connect Microsoft sql server

It’s really easy to setup datasource in Spring boot irrespective of database used. MS SQL server datasource can be created using JTDS driver from sourceforge. To create  MSSQL server datasource, just add the following properties in the file – After adding the above properties just auto wire the DataSource and rest spring boot

Herb Garden | Tips for beginners

Herb Garden Summer is here and it’s one of the wonderful feelings to grow your veggies. Every summer season, I try to grow as much as in limited space but I am really excited to grow enough herbs that can be used in Indian and Mexican food. This year also we have got enough of