Vedic Mathematics – Complex multiplications P2

This is part 2 of “Vedic Mathimatics – Complex multiplications”. If you haven’t read that, I would suggest you should read the below link to understand the basics of this calculation and then go through this page.  Vedic Mathematics – Complex multiplications  

Vedic Mathematics – Complex multiplications

Overview  The page explains how to multiply two numbers using one of the techniques from Vedic Maths. This technique is called as “Nikhilum Sutra” which means “all from nine and last from ten”.   Terminology used in explaining this method 1. Nearest working base – Working base is going to be nearest of 10, 100,

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Top Python Interview Questions

Python Interview Questions Question 1: How to create list and perform different operations on it? Question 2: Can you add items of different data types in a list? What will be the output of following code snippet? Answer: You can add items of different data types in a list. Below code shows items with different data types added