Spring Boot | Connect Microsoft sql server

It’s really easy to setup datasource in Spring boot irrespective of database used. MS SQL server datasource can be created using JTDS driver from sourceforge. http://jtds.sourceforge.net To create  MSSQL server datasource, just add the following properties in the application.properties file – After adding the above properties just auto wire the DataSource and rest spring boot

Herb Garden | Tips for beginners

Herb Garden Summer is here and it’s one of the wonderful feelings to grow your veggies. Every summer season, I try to grow as much as in limited space but I am really excited to grow enough herbs that can be used in Indian and Mexican food. This year also we have got enough of

Is BWW (Amway) a scam?

BWW education system I believe many of you would have either met Amway folks OR some of your friends/relative would be compelling you to be part of their team. The claim to fame of Amway business is that it can be started with low initial investment and person can achieve his/her dreams by inspiring other people.