Herb Garden | Tips for beginners

Herb Garden

Summer is here and it’s one of the wonderful feelings to grow your veggies. Every summer season, I try to grow as much as in limited space but I am really excited to grow enough herbs that can be used in Indian and Mexican food. This year also we have got enough of Mint and Coriander that we can make “Coriander Chutney” every week. Growing herb is not that difficult as growing other vegetables and there are some herbs like mint which repels mosquitos and bugs. 

This season I have setup herb garden in a small container which is quite cheap and production is quite good as well. There are certain tips and tricks that can really help enough production. 

1. It’s always better to grow in containers than in ground. Mint grows really fast and most of the times production is much more than consumption. Also, they grow from the roots so that 

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