How to find value of 1/19, 1/29, 1/39 and so on

In conventional mathematics is somebody has to find the answer of 1/19, 1/29…, he would need to go over multiple steps which is time consuming and error prone. Moreover there is no way to validate the answer and if something goes wrong in between, it can lead to further errors.

Vedic Mathematics provides one step process to find the answer and it can be validated in the end to ensure the result is correct. We will start with 1/19 using Ekadhikena Purvena (One more than the previous number) method.


Step by step calculation using Vedic Mathematics – 1/19

  1. Given we are diving 1 by 19, the last digit of answer has to be “1” (so that multiplication of 19 and fractional answer can lead to 1).
  2. Take the first digit of denominator i.e. 1 (19) and increment by 1. This leads to 2. So second  digit of answer from right is 2.


  1. Continue with multiplying the number by 2




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