Setup small herb garden

May 01′ 2016

Growing vegetables, herbs and fruits is a wonderful experience and is beneficial both in terms of money and health. 

This year, I have setup one medium size vegetable garden as well as a small herb garden in a container. In this page, I am going to talk about the herb garden and will share the vegetable garden later. 

Tools Required – 

1. One medium size to big container. For herb garden, we don’t need a very deep container so we can get good cheap container from IKEA, Walmart, Home depot etc. Cost – $10 – $15. 

2. Mint/Corriander/Parsley etc seeds – Cost $5 – $10. 

3. Trowel for working with soil and drill for making holes in the container. 

Steps –

1. Make 10-15 holes on bottom of the container. You should have good drainage in the container otherwise water might stay specially in case of rain and that can destroy all your herbs. 

2. For my project, I bought one 20 inch x 10 inch box which is not more than 6 inch height. For herbs you don’t need a deep container. 

3. Make some partitions and grow differenent herbs in the container.

4. Mint: Best way is to buy some mint from fresh produce and grow it in the container. You don’t necessarily start from the seeds. 

5.  Coriander: Keep putting coriander seeds every week or every alternate week. Coriander doesn’t last soon and you need continous production per your needs. 

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