Is BWW (Amway) a scam?

BWW education system

I believe many of you would have either met Amway folks OR some of your friends/relative would be compelling you to be part of their team. The claim to fame of Amway business is that it can be started with low initial investment and person can achieve his/her dreams by inspiring other people. But when person joins this business, he gets to realize that BWW education system runs in parallel of Amway and he needs to be part of it to build business and grow team.


Before we get into detail whether BWW system is a SCAM or not (I am using SCAM word because people these days feel that anything which is not trustworthy or legit is SCAM), lets understand what’s the purpose of BWW system. BWW system was created in parallel to Amway business so that people who are joining the business have a platform to interact with each other , learn from other members and be educated about this system. So as part of BWW system, person needs to attend weekly meetings, quaterly meetings and subscribe to technology pack which all cost some money. We will look at the money piece later in detail.

Till now it looks great but with this BWW system there are some downsides as well which makes this whole thing quite fishy.

1. With BWW system in place, Amway is not a low investment business opportunity – When somebody joins the business, no matter he wants to attend BWW meetings or not, he has to (or he is forced) to attend those meetings. To grow his business, he is also forced to buy tools, subscribe to streaming etc. If we calculate, weekly meetings are around $8 per person so that any couple doing it, needs to spend $16 per week for meeting, plus $35 per month for streaming, $16 for book of the month and around $400-$500 per quarter for tickets and hotel for attending major functions. If we sum this up it comes out to be minimum of $845 ($16*12 + $35*3 + $16*3 + $500 = 192+105 +500) per quarter. Btw this doesn’t include baby sitter prices, gas prices to go to meetings and other tools/website etc which person needs to buy or he will be forced to buy by the up-line. Now the question comes, can Amway IBO who is plugged into BWW system, skip any of these? And the answer is Big NO. If you try to skip either one of these you will be forced by up-line that you should join these meetings and the moment you have a team of even 1 person, you will be forced to be part of these meetings so that your downline members do the same and follow you.

2. These is no transparency on where this whole BWW money goes – Even if you wonder where all this money is going, there is no answer with anyone. Theoretically, up-line would try to explain that BWW is a no-profit no-loss organization but when you look at these spendings, you wonder you are definitely pumping in your money to somebody else.

3. BWW tools, books and streaming are really expensive – Book of the month cost around $16 whereas same book can be bought from Amazon for around $10. Same is the case with tools or streaming. If BWW really works like a non profit organization, prices for all these items should be less and stress should be on helping people grow business by spending less money. But this is definitely not the case.



If you think logically, BWW is definitely a scam or money sucking system specailly for first couple of years. To be really profitable in Amway business or break even, you really need a big team of people under you. Otherwise it might take many years to even get your money back which you invest every year as part of BWW system. If you really get to platinum or higher level, I would say it’s worth it otherwise by the time you would realize, you  would have easily spent at least $10K on this system. It’s unto you whether you consider this a scam or not but it’s definitely border line cult that would suck up money without you realizing that.

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    1. I have already read rich dad and poor dad. All the BWW guys say about the same thing to read that book. If you analyse the balance sheet, they are not growing like a mammoth, so no need to invest your time and money in it.

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