Why one should join Amway or any other legal MLM business

Amway is one of the oldest MLM companies in the world and has most number of products available for marketing. Over time it has got bad reputation as well but still there are thousands of people who are associated with this Business and making money. Over years it has attracted millions of people but still if somebody new is approached there are always lot of questions and objections before joining this business.

On this page, I have listed all the reasons why one should join Amway. There are always two sides of coin and if somebody is just looking at only one side, he can never be successful in the life. People who are always against Amway business are either the ones who have no knowledge of this business model or they did this business sometime in their life and didn’t get success either they were not fully committed or they had bad experience because of their upline or something else.

What are the reasons one should be part of Amway Business –

1.  Amazing Company and Wonderful Products – There is no denial that Amway is an amazing company and all their products are of highest standards. This company is more than 50 years old and they have survived this long time because of good quality products. Be it multi-vitamins (Nutrilite), Make up (artistry), Home (Body key) they are all being made to ensure that standards are not compromised. In today’s world people are ready to spend extra bucks to get good quality and with Amway person doesn’t need to worry at all in terms of quality.

2. Low Investment and No setup time – As compared to any other business in the world, Amway takes least money to start and sustain. Even if you go for any franchise, you need to show liquid assets, pay huge fee, take permits and numerous other things but in Amway everything is already sorted out for you. You just need to sign up and start your business right away. If person is committed and has good work ethics, he can start earning money right away unlike in other businesses where initial years go in hard work and investments only and then profits start coming after few years.

3. Associations for life – Amway is people’s business and people are closely connected to each other lifes, each other dreams and goals. In all other Business you do, there can be enemies or competitors and very few friends but in this Business then more you progress the more friends you make. People admire each other and that makes this business more great.

4. Mentorship program – When you start this business you are not alone and there is a big team of upline that has everything figured out already and are ready to help you to grow your business. In any other business, lot of time, energy and money goes into setup and understanding things but here uplines are already there to do all the heavy lifting in initial months before person is well established.Mentorship program also defines the path to follow and be successful.

5. Education system to make better person – The way education system of BWW is defined, it not only helps you setup your business but also makes you a better person overall. It gives you different perspective, encourages you to read good books, listen to good talks, success stories and ultimately lays a foundation for successful future. When somebody is always surrounded by positive people and positive talks, he is bound to change and go on the right path.

6. Gives an entrepreneurial mindset – Lot of people want to be entrepreneur and start their own venture but they are unable to do so because of either lack of investment, time or any other reason. But with this opportunity, person can build up this business in his spare time and once established, he can reap the benefits and acquires entrepreneurial skills along the way.

7. Asset based income – Biggest benefit of this business is that you are making an asset and that can stay with you for whole life and you can pass it on to your kids. In all other businesses and job, you get money for the effort and time you put in but in the end their might not be asset which can help you get money for rest of your life but in this business you put efforts in present but that makes your future better.

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