Grow Fenugreek in small space

Fenugreek is one of my favorite plants to grow in Spring time. I live in USDA zone 5b which means weather tends to get better in April and that’s also the best time to grow Fenugreek. It doesn’t do well in hot weather after June so Spring is best time to grow it with little effort. Fenugreek can be eaten as sprouts or can be made vegetable once it’s fully grown. There are numerous benefits of fenugreek and is eaten a lot in India and other Asian countries.

How to grow fenugreek

1. Take an aluminium tray and do multiple holes on the bottom. Aluminium tray can be bought from any grocery store or super market. These are generally used to keep food warm.
2. Add soil in the aluminium tray and leave some space on top.
3. Sprinkle fenugreek seeds with the hand.
4. Top the try with more soil and keep it moist until fenugreek seeds start to sprout. To speed up the sprouting process you can soak the seeds overnight in water and then put them in the soil.
4. Once plants are around 3-4 inch tall you can cut it from top and use it to eat as a salad or make Indian style vegetable.
5. If weather is getting too hot, you can keep it in shade.

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